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The Canadian market is not the US market. There are a lot more people with a lot more money in the US so generally breeders do make out better.
Also I've found a lot of people in Canada don't care where they get their reptile from as long as they get it. They don't care where they get a ball or who produced it as long as they get a ball. Eventually when people get tired of losing animals they will either get out of the hobby because they are too cheap to pay for quality instead of wild caught garbage or they will see the difference and start to buy from breeders at shows or on line.
Don't get me wrong I have nothing against saving money or getting a good deal but with herps you get what you pay for. The other thing that bugs me is when people ask breeders if that is the best they can do on their price because they've seen so and so with them for cheaper. Sometimes they actually say that they can get a WC for x number of dollars and ask if the breeder can match that. That sort of thing happens a lot with GTPs and ETBs at shows in the US. People expect the CBB GTPs and ETBs to be the same price as the WC garbage.
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