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I used to have a cat who wouldn't use a kitty litter with a cover over it but didn't mind one with an open top.

Where is your kitty litter? Is it far from where your cat normally goes? If your cat has never really used the litter except under your direct instruction than perhaps it doesn't realize that the litter is where you go. Perhaps it thinks that it's not supposed to go at all and that you are upset with it because it did, not because it did it in the wrong place.

Maybe try putting him in a small cage with only 2 parts, the kitty litter and a comfortable sleeping part. Put the food in water in the sleeping part to reassert that that's not where you do your business. If he goes in the sleeping part move it to the kitty litter. Hopefully he will decide that with space being so limited he should be careful not to contaminate the good part. Perhaps when he starts using the litter instead of the sleeping part you could move him into a larger area and see if the litter habit holds. This is something I just thought of now and have never tried.

Good Luck

Ooo, that seemed like a good idea when I posted it but rereading it almost sounds cruel.

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