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Snake ID - I'm at a loss

While we were out getting cleaning supplies for the mammals, and some crickets to breed for next months gecko purchase (whee! ) we ran into some kids at the PetSmart who had rescued a snake from traffic and brought it home.

At first appearance I thought it was a baby, being only 8 inches long at most.

Then they showed me the offspring. It gave birth to six young right after they caught it, and two of the babies had survived and were in the container with it. The babies were the side of paper matches.

I can't match it up to anything in my guide book so maybe someone here could. I met our resident cartoonist at the store as well, and he was as surprised as I was to see such a small specimen giving birth.

The scales were striped light and dark brown, the length of the body in the pattern of a plains garter. The ventral scales were a brilliant red.

My camera has lousy macro controls so it's not going to be the best shots. Judge for yourself though

Once we know what it is, I'm going to call the family and let them know.

I know this will probably turn into a "set it free" debate, but I'm just looking for an ID. The kids have the URL for the site, and if they come here you can *nicely* explain to them about taking animals from the wild. I just wanted to make sure they knew what they've got before trying to stick it in the wrong kind of environment.
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