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Just this morning, the fiance's cat peed on the carpet right in the living room. No idea why she has been doing this. Her litter box is quite secluded. And quite clean at that. She is the only cat in the apartment. I suppose there could have been a cat in here befor us.

This cat is not only crazy, it is evil enough to be the spawn of satan. If you don't pet it, she will attack. If you pet her too much, she will attack. Stupid cat. After dumping in the litter box (she does do that, thank god), her eyes dialate and she starts running full sprint around the apartment. Maybe trying to run away from her smelly @$$. Who knows? But the funny thing is, her cat lisence tag # is 01-666. It's like they knew.

I can't wait for the love and devotion of a chameleon.
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