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We have 3 cats:

Carlin: 2 years old, male, neutered.

Fraidy: 4 or 5 (feral caught), male, neutered (a BIG 26lb sissy)

Calamity: 8 or 9 months old, female, spayed.

Carlin is the problem cat. He's been like this since long before the other two moved in, so it hasn't been the competition. Unfortunately, if he drops a load and we don't get to it in time, the kitten will occasionally mimic him and drop on in the same spot.

He's been in for checkups, and has only had some minor acne, but no blood tests have been done. We're booking those.

I never heard of cat attract, but I'll give it a shot if it helps.

He knows what he's doing is wrong anyway, as he will run like hell as soon as he done if you walk into the room. Like he doesn't want to get peed on for marking his territory.

And yes, I even considered throwing him in the tub and peeing on him to see if that would alpha-male his *** back into submission
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