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Hey, I have actually heard of snake wine before. it is fairly strong stuff, but it has nothing too do with the snake inside it. the snake (sometimes subsisted for a gecko depending on who made the wine) would act very much like a tequila worm. it would be completely preserved, and deadly too eat, but other then that the alcohol would act as a disinfectant and preservative.
Rice alone fermenting is deadly stuff. I would not be surprised at all too find out that the snake is actually necessary too make it drinkable. too absorb the poisons (including alcohol) from the drink.

I would drink it if I were ever too come across the chance. Simply because I enjoy that sort of thing.

treegirl, I would just like too say there is Nothing wrong at all with you being disgusted with it. But you have too understand that there is also nothing wrong with it being made or consumed by others. It is no more disgusting then the worm in tequila (just looks more attractive)

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