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Hey , we've had this problem with our cats before, One of the times it was due too the fact that our oldest cat was quite shy and wouldn’t use the little when others were around , and other cats always disturbed her. We solved this by adding a second litter.

We have also had it happen when a cat has health problems, they tend not too go too the littler box when something is wrong, if it has other symptoms maybe a vet check is necessary.

And lastly if the cat is male, it may very well be marking it's territory, this is by far the most annoying one of them all. Most people believe by neutering a cat they will not do this. because they cannot "spray" but this is a myth, a cat will still start too mark its territory, but since they cannot spray they leave there sent the only way they can (although most of the time they just urinate. and once they get started they don’t stop until they are satisfied. (the up side is it seems too be much more rare in cats that are neutered, seems too take more too make them get territorial) We have 2 males in he house, on escaped and ran into a tom cat out side during the night. our cat apparently won the fight but that set him off , he’s been hiding messes all over the house for a couple weeks but seems too have stopped now.

Also on the topic of marking , if you have 2 males, and one just reached "sexual maturity" in a sense (even if its fixed,. I simply mean he just started reacting too the other males sent" The "lesser" male my not go into he dominate males litter box.

Good luck. just out of curiosity let me know what the sex and age of the cat is.


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