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New button Email

In the E-mail i got about the new buttons at the top of the page it says by placing this button/link system on your website that it pays for half the hosting. I'm confused as to why you added that by using the button/link system it will help ssnakess grow via advertising with the button/links system. Why would you want to grow anymore when your already having a hard time paying the hosting bills

Not trying to be rude at all i'm just curious as to why you would want help with paying the hosting and then be happy about all the new members you can gain because wouldnt this use more bandwidth thus causing the hosting bill to be raised?

But than again they are paying half so i guess i can kinda see the point but still after the 12 months is up and you have 1,000+ more members than what will happen lol.

Just wondering anyways I thought it was kinda funny to see this in the email I got!
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