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Originally posted by herpslave
exactly... We can fight in private messages. or I can find your ip and do some things...
rolf, sure sure, unless he is using a really cheap no good internet provider, there isn't much you can do anymore.... All cable companies in Canada block most of the ports you would try to use to hack into one's computer. Plus, the average are either on windows 2000 or windows xp which block some more ports with it's own crappy firewall. That is also not considering many of us use routers now.

Forgot to mention, there isn't that many computers that don't have a anti-virus nowa days, so even if you try sending him a prog giving access to the pc, it will prob be blocked by the anti-virus.

There are only a handfull of good hackers out there, and I can see you aren't one of them.

Anyhow, good luck with your "hacking powers" ;-)

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