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My friend james is a math teacher. My friend kace is a counselor. I don't know where you got from me that I said only low lifes smoke pot. But I did not mean to say that. My friends all have been so messed up by this crap that most of them were expelled from school, because of smoking it 3 times in school when being caught and warned first. 9 of my friends were expelled to be exact. Where they not only had to redo that grade but could not be in the district. So
they would have to just goto another school thats even more worse in security. So they can just do it outside at lunch anytime they want. On the 80 year old thing, some people are greedy.
My grandmother has quit mj. But has been selling it for 20 years! She is 83. Age does not really matter. It's the money factor. The feel of needing money, as someone else feels the need for weed. If something like this happened all over the world everywhere which would be very possible. Not everyone would smoke ofcoarse but a dense population would.
Symptoms I have seen are ghost spit, smell like weed, blood shot eyes, droopy eyes, burnouts, plain lazyness with all these symptoms, forgetting things like words, things to do and alot of other things.
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