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Well put!!
Originally posted by Cruciform
We are animals who use other animals selfishly. Whether it is for food, companionship, or entertainment. Few people are genuinely altruistic in this sense. Moral selectivity does not grant anyone moral high ground.
So the morals we North Americans grew up with say that eating cat, dog, or even snake is taboo. Due to that it is not part of the norm of our society. But invite a Hindu to a BBQ and try to serve them some fresh steaks or big juicy hamburger. I don’t think they would appreciate it that much. Cows are sacred in their religion. But beef is part of the average North American diet. Canada raised and slaughtered over 2.9 million cattle in 2003 alone. But offer us dog meat, as is served in some South Korean restaurants, most would people would be sick at the thought eating dog. I was told by an immigrant to Canada that dog meat is a bit tough, but pretty tasty. Yes I would try it if it were offered to me. And yes I have had pet dogs growing up.

I have read a few articles about odd (to us) Asian cuisine. Not the San Francisco deep fried stuff that we all know of, authentic Asian dishes. They do serve up cats, rats, and among many other things, a very unique snake soup. Essentially, the only part of the snake used in the soup was the bile from the gall bladder. I personally don’t find that appetizing, but I may try it. Why wouldn’t I?

Here is an interesting article that will boil the blood in a lot of you.

My point is you can’t determine one type of animal is not a source of food for another, just because it goes against norm in our culture. Every living organism is fuel for many other living organisms. The old adage is a bit wrong. It should be “Eat, until you are eaten.” and we are no exception.
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