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I think the deal is that Canadians who joined joined because we wanted a CANADIAN please my American friends and members, I am not bashing you as I am a American myself, just living in Canada....

My whole point though is Canada needs PURE Canadian based areas for herps. USA markets are 100% different than those for us Canadians....even questions regarding simple heating issues can have different answers depending on your location.....and for a long time Canandian herpers have had nothing but a small section for Canandian only on most sites. SSNAKESS.COM was finally a CANADIAN place where you know you are speaking with people who are dealing in the same market, with the same breeders and with the same pricing.

If the buttons are just some new links, great. Really who cares. But if its a merger, or something else, then Canadians may feel they are once again becoming a minority on a American website.

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