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Yeah that's ridiculous.

As far as driving goes, again cellphones probably cause more accidents at this point than marijuana does. There are no figures to back this up, but I think everyone knows someone who has had a problem either driving while talking on the phone, or a problem with someone else driving and on the phone. I don't hear too many wild car crashes due to marijuana at this point.

And while this is NOT TRUE for everyone, sometimes people I know drive while high, and in my circle of friends the opposite happens...they drive TOO SLOW! As we all know this can cause problems as well, but at least its not the swerving, high speed fatal crashes that booze causes.

Cruciform is SO right about his statement as well. If you think it's only "druggies" and Mcdonalds workers smoking pot, THINK AGAIN. Take this past weekend for instance....I actually ended up smoking with two people who both have HIGH level for a MAJOR film company (canadian "branch") and the other works in government. Both smoke Marijuana on weekends sometimes, but in all other aspects these are hard working, normal, law abiding people.

It's NOT just losers and druggies who smoke people. WAKE UP! Marijuana is hiding in many more homes than you think. I believe just recently they stated that marijuana use is up by TONS in the past decade compared to the 1980's in Canada. Why? Personally I believe its because unlike booze, you can enjoy marijuana without feeling like crap the next day, without wanting to fight or wreck something, without having to go to smelly smokey bar....etc. It's a personal choice.

The government has NO RIGHT putting it's nose into people business. If I want to do something that does NOT harm anyone else, does not cause a public safety issue then BUTT OUT government!

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