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Okay, since people are getting rude and stupid, enough with the double standards.

You own reptiles. You feed them animals that other people consider pets. Yet when someone mentions feeding off the offspring of a more "popular" type of pet a number of you jump down his throat and start spouting holier-than-thou statements about how they can adopt them out, etc. etc.

Animal control services are *overflowing* with abandoned animals. If you're so concerned about the welfare of some unwanted kittens, get your lazy, mouthy, righteous asses down there to volunteer or bring in their overflow animals to care for in your own home.

As it should be so obvious to people, this is a reptile site. When someone who doesn't keep snakes freaks out about people feeding rats to them, people are quick to defend it.

Why? Are rats not cute enough for you? Does an animal have to fit within a scale of fuzzy-cuteness to justify it's value as pet or feed item?

It was damn hard for me to kill the first few mice and rats for my snakes, but I did it. Because I wanted to minimize the suffering of the animals as much as possible.

I find Beau's stance to be completely reasonable. Cats are a species second only to man in their destructive impact on the environment, due in part to our domestication and neglect of them. It doesn't mean they should all be killed, but neither should they continue to flood the streets and shelters simply because some bleeding hearts say it's "wrong" to use the offspring as feed animals, or euthanize them to be used in feeding products.

We are animals who use other animals selfishly. Whether it is for food, companionship, or entertainment. Few people are genuinely altruistic in this sense. Moral selectivity does not grant anyone moral high ground.
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