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Hey, I missed the first half of the thread I did notice the buttons, and after entering one of the sites ran into a few problems with my pc, but that is not the fault of, I simply wont click the button again lol. I also agree with the idea of erasing accounts that are no longer active, most sites have a time limit, like if you remain inactive for more then 6 month you get deleted, and would have too re-register. seems fair enough, just cleans out the junk, And right at the end Matt_k mentioned changing them , all that would have too be done would be switch the background color of white too black. Almost anyone can do that, and it would then just blend into the top of the page. Everybody would be happy. I donít see what the big deal with them is other then they stick out, but thatís being worked one everything takes time too be perfected.

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