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the 6000 members is a little deceiving 4000 of those members havent posted since the begining of the year and 3000 have less than 2 posts.

Anyway I see this all the time. People start complaining about advertising this and that that shows up on forums like they own the site. Its great that people be come so attacted to a site but in reality we dont own it Jeff does.

A rough assesment on my part of advertising rates and server cost is that this site should be paying for itself and should be clearing a little cash. I hope it is its an awesome site. Its his right to put as much adverting on it as he wants. are you actually going to not use it because of the extra buttons...I doubt it.

Frankly I hope this site grows to be considered more than a "canadian" site something to rival king snake and makes Jeff a mint. It is a far better run site.

I dont think we deserve to know whats up with the new buttons. Its a business decision and its not our business. If the site is in the red though I wouldnt mind hearing about that as I would chip in to help out.

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