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Herpslave, If what you said about marijuana addiction, and the effect legalization would have were true we would already have a burned out society, as there are a great many people who smoke it whether the law says they can or not.

These are not just people who work at McDonald's shoveling fries.

Doctors, lawyers, teachers. It's no different than those who partake of alcohol, or any other mind altering substance.

Some people turn to pot as a crutch, others turn to alcohol, or shopping. Heck, I know someone who would have been better off smoking weed to blow of steam as they are completely screwed financially because of compulsive shopping issues.

People should know their limits, and if they can't, seek help.

But I don't want the some politician telling me I can't do something in the privacy of my own home, simply because they do not agree with it. Be it drugs, kinky sex, or raising animals like our beloved herps.

So long as I do not violate your rights to live your life as you choose, then why should the government have any say in how I live mine.

As for the topic of driving mentioned in other posts, I support severe punishments for anyone involved in an accident while drunk, high, or talking on a cell phone. Cars are easily as dangerous as firearms, and should be handled responsibly when other people are at risk. So prosecute those who injuure others with the same zeal as those charged with firearms crimes.

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