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I think being addicted to MJ totally depends on the person. I've smoked MJ off and on for almost 20 years now and have gone many, many years without even so much as thinking about it. To the point where I'll be around friends who are smoking and have passed it up without so much as a thought. So with my own experience MJ is not addicting.

BUT, then there's my mother.... She is very addicted. She smokes from the time she gets out of bed right up until bedtime. She smokes to be normal. I think it's terribly sad. And in many ways feel as though I've lost the essence of her. When I was younger I used to get very angry with her because I could ~always~ tell when she had smoked, when she was high and it got to the point where I never saw her straight. She's lost and all I can do is accept that.

So it ~really~ depends on the person.

For me it's more like a plant that should be respected --like how the Native Americans view hallucinagenics-- used carefully and moderately.

For my mother--her use is out of control. She has no respect for herself or for the plant.
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