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One thing I do not know or think anyone posted is that when someone with a disabilitty lthat allows some pot to be given. Well if this is legalized for people with problems like arthritis, cancer, lekeumia or something that effects the joints and the mind. A person like this will be able to get 6 pounds! This is more then enough to sell to pot smokers that have no disabilities or diseases... Which would lead to a large portion of curious or plain out stoners to spread the weed around allover. Where we would have a
very large portioj of this world could be stoners. I personally have seen my old friends back in higschool smoke bud alot, as well as seeing them do it in middleschool. I have rejected about over 40 times they have asked me... I personally would not like to live in a world full of stupid stoners that constantly thinking about there next hit... I do not put down people who smoke weed as I have over 12 friends who do this. Aswell as my family. But I just do not want to live in a world full of duhhh Wheres the joint type mostly every where... Pot is addictive. Kind of like sex. They are not something you would think would be addictive but it feels so good that you keep wanting more. Even if you think that you will quit
with ease it does not exactly happen that easily too much. I have watched all 12 of my friends have said oh I am done with pot... i just sell it now. But later in the next day or two they say hey man! Wanna finish this joinjt with me? I say hey I thought you quit. They say aww man I just gotta blow some steam off dude, I will quit in a week. Again they did it in less then the week. Any ways alot of this may seem offtopic in a way.
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