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I'm not sure on the legalization issue at first it seems like an ok things to legalize it...but once it is legalized do you think it will actually be safe for anyone to drive? I have personally used it in the past (and no longer use it), I had no trouble quitting therefore I do not find it addictive...but if it's legalized, chances are that cigarette companies will take up the responsibility of having it commercially available and possibly add a surefire addictive substance into it...just another thing to think about...
When Jeff mentioned that, I was going to say something, and now thats two people so why not. If you think clearly about what you are saying, it doesn't really make sense. People are smoking marijuana now, in an illegal state, and most likely there are some driving under the influence. Why would legalization increase the amount of drivers under the influence? I am sure laws would be similar to that of alchohol.
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