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... ACAT, for instance, will takes in cats, pay for medical costs (including surgery) and adopt out kitties. They don't euthanize, either.........If the pounds are full it's your mother's responsibility to make sure the kitties have homes. It's not right to dump them, and I can't believe she would even consider it. It's also against the law.
Both of these options are part of the problem. Although they [ACAT and many other institutions] are doing a good service of providing an unwanted animal a home, it lets the problem continue to escalate by allowing the problem species to continue to exist. Letting them free and dumping them because a person is at a loss of responsibility is not only horrible, it also allows the problem to continue as well.

It is understandable how this thread and general topic can hurt those in herpetoculture, but the "cat and doggie" world ainít any better. It is pretty sad to think that it is just fine and dandy to keep allowing a species that has gone as far as it has in the world to keep being the resulting issue in these and many other kinds of problems. It would be nice to have mandatory euthanization in cases like this. There are literally enough animals as is for the public to take in, and if folks were truly animal lovers maybe they would see this as true. Instead, folks do not wanna deal with this reality, and pretend it does not concern them.

I really don't see what people are creating a stink about... if the "mammal keepers" kept their cats under control we "snake-keepers" wouldn't even be considering this. I know it looks bad for the herp community (even though it really shouldn't) so I'll shut up now... =)
I agree.
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