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I didn't read the whole post...Yet at least. It's too late at night and it would take forever.

As far as the gateway drug... i truly don't belive that. My first gateway drug was LMAO as typing this. It was when i was a child and i would spin and spin in circles then fall over and my head would be all dizzy, then when it passed i would do it all over again and again. People may think that's silly, but in reality that really is your first "high". Not only that next came chocolate (one of my personal faves) then caffine, all i know is don't talk to me until i have my first soda unless you wanna little attitude. So as far as MJ as a gateway drug i don't buy it!!! Then again that's just my opinion...

Also in my own opinion alchohol is so much worse than MJ. Don't feel like explain myself, cause i don't feel like bringing back old memories that i try to forget (HUGE family problems), but from my personal life experinces i HATE alchohol!!!! I can't stand to be around drunks nor would i chose to date one. I also havn't drank in over 5 years, since before my 21st b-day. I can't even go to bars or clubs anymore, cause all i do is get really pissed off and feel like strangling them. Maybe it's just me growing up or i just relized how much of an @$$ people are when they're drunk.

Anyway back to the subject, I think it should be legilized, but agian that's just me, i have my reasons but seeing as family members browse this site i can't really state my reasons incase they look over this thread. LOL

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