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I think a major concern that I havent seen mentionned is pot as a gateway drug. It makes it easier to try other drugs once you have accepted smoking pot.
I have never been tested, but I am pretty sure I am in that 10% of people that are highly suceptible to addiction.
I grew up on the shores of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron, where there is often nothing for youth to do, so many turn to drugs. I sure did, in a big way. I started smoking pot at 13 on a daily basis. Through High school I tried many other drugs. PCP, Acid, Mushrooms, Mesqualline. I somehow got into university and kept the same pattern, then flunked out after 2 years.I have no regrets. I have now been semi- clean for nearly 2 years( I never buy, just puff at parties if it is passed my way). I just got sick of the whole scene, and I was suffering mentally and physically. (all self diagnosed), so I just quit. I returned to University last year and got an A- average. Many of my friends in university smoked as much as I did, and graduated in 4 years with great marks. many of my best friends still smoke several times a day.
so after that long story, my opinion is this, decriminalization is the way to go. Not Legalization. Legalization would get bogged down in all the buracracy of taxation and regulation that has already been discussed.
Decriminalization means pot smokers could puff without the fear of court dates, or jail tems for repeat offences, but also lets the government maintain its stance that it is not a good thing. not for everyone.
Now I live with and really enjoy a new addiction, REPTILES!!!!!!
I also enjoy a good case of beer from time to time.
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