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somone said it isn't addictive up there I didn't even read the whole post, my uncle has been smoking for 70 years (since he was 13) and he still says it isn't addictive and he can quit when ever he wants
Alchohol isn't addictive, yet some become alchoholics and drink often to the point of their death. See my point? As Artemis said, it like alchohol is not physiologically addictive, it is psychologically addictive.

have you ever seen the commercial where the guys hit there brothers, or hit little girls on bikes ? Well they're not lying, it DOES happen
LMFAO! Please tell me the commercial shows them hitting these people with cars, and not phsyically with their body. If so, that is exactly the type of thing that inspired this post - that is ridiculous, and not reality.

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