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Ixi- its ok, and I will answer the questions.

The point is, it gets you high. Otherwise no one would bother. It is not physiologically addictive (as are cigarettes, which actually alter your brain chemistry and cause you to crave nicotine) but it can be psychologically addictive.

Marijuana does different things to different people, and you are right, I am sure that there are some instances where people have harmed others while under its influence, such as while driving. MJ, like alcohol, should still be used responsibly, if at all.

I guess ultimately I feel that whether it continues to be illegal, or is decriminalized, people will use it either way. Perhaps more people would use it if was no longer illegal, but either way it's still gonna be out there.

And MJ isnt like tobacco in terms of regulation. It would be dagone hard to grow, cure, cut and roll your own tobacco cigs. MJ is much easier to cultivate and requires no chemical or physical processing to consume. If I could grow my own legally, I wouldnt need to buy it, and therefore I wouldnt be paying taxes on it.
One could argue that the convenience of not having to grow it would encourage people to buy it and just deal with having to pay the taxes on it- but given it's ease of cultivation and the likely high asking price should it be legalized, I think most people would still opt to grow.

And Ixi- while those public service announcements may not be "lying," they do tend to be a bit extreme.

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