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What is the point ? I really don't understand the point of smoking, somone said it isn't addictive up there I didn't even read the whole post, my uncle has been smoking for 70 years (since he was 13) and he still says it isn't addictive and he can quit when ever he wants, regardless of the fact that he now has emphazema, and is having a lot of trouble breathing, people are going to say its a totally different substance, my point being is that high isn't enough to make me risk health problems like that....I have better things to do like watch homer simpson strangle his son :P. I really don't see the point plus, the loss of coordination after smoking just 1 joint is like drinking a few beers ? have you ever seen the commercial where the guys hit there brothers, or hit little girls on bikes ? Well they're not lying, it DOES happen, it recently happened in philadelphia, little 4 year old on her bike hit by a car killed instantly. I don't know about you, but I don't think I would call that "recreational smoking" guys im not trying to do any bashing, its just my honest opinion I have my right to mine as you do to yours..... no bashing here guys

edit- not to mention the $$$ and hassel of getting this stuff
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