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Jeez, can't believe I missed this thread. And it hasn't gotten out of hand at all. Kudos everyone.

Back a couple of pages it was mentioned that eating pot in capsules woulld get the posters friends blitzed. Everything I've read on THC says that it's requires a temperature of 150 degrees to catalyze into a substance that we can process. That's why it has to be smoked, baked, or vaporized.

I tested this by chewing down a couple of grams, uncooked. Zero effect.

Regarding memory, I've seen statement s saying that it causes memory loss, and others that say it doesn't.

I tend to believe more recent publications that say that it doesn't in the long term but it flip-flops often enough it's hard to tell.

There were studies done with alcohol to see why blackouts occur, and the theory presented was that your memory is encoded with a key, and that when you drink too much alcohol that key becomes scrambled. So you can't recall memories that were shuffled into the long term while you were drunk. BUT they found that when the test subjects were drunk again, they could remember things they had done before. Kind of neat really.

I've known a few "burnouts", or "chronics" and one was a culinary student with high marks, though people always assumed he was brain dead. Others have been barely functional.

If I were to hazard a guess on why some people become barely functional, it would have to do with the amount of time spent high in an unstimulating state versus that spent in a normal state where the brain is exercised. But that's a purely unscientific opinion.

I don't have a problem with people doing ANY drugs, provided that their use of said drugs do not infringe on my rights in any way. Moderation is the key anyway.

If you want to inject heroin into your arm, at least you should be given the opportunity to get untainted product and have addiction services available without and stigma attached.

And to close, I drink beer occasionally, and enjoy smoking marijuana, often before bed to help with my insomnia. Or sometimes just to relax while surfing or playing games. I try to avoid posting to forums while under such influence

I tried growing my own plants (2 of them) from seeds before but both times my cat ate them in the seconds I had my back turned while transferring them from the germination tray to a planter.

Maybe he was just looking out for my well-being
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