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I agree with you, I agree that a person's knowledge and experience can't be judged by their spelling capabilities. All I have said, and I seem to be struggling at this point to get people to understand, is that on a first impression, I, and I'm sure many other people, will question the reliabilty of an author who has poor spelling skills. That doesn't mean I don't read what they have to say, and by the same token, some people spell beautifully here but don't have a worthwhile thing to say.

If it LOOKS uneducated it may effect the way I interpret their information. It doesn't mean it IS unreliable, it doesn't mean the author IS NOT experienced. All it means is that I tend to be cautious about the information when reading a post. Yes, just because their writing wasn't perfect.

I'm not perfect either... I'm not beyond mistakes, or being human, and I'm sorry if anyone is offended by my opinions, but that's the way I am, and who I am is not something I will be sorry for.

Again, for the millionth time, I am not making fun, or saying anyone who can't spell is stupid.
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