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This is deffinately interesting. I have tried it, and discovered that not only does it make me feel absolutely nothing, but I also have an aggressive allergy to the crap (when in my body, otherwise I am fine).
Now my poor hubby can't even breathe any of the stuff (eg. if someone is sitting outside smoking it an we are nearby), and he becomes violently ill.
I don't support the idea of the government getting involved with regulating it (look at what happened when they regulated tabacco), but also couldn't care less if they legalized it. As long as I don't have to breathe it in while in public, then whatever.
I have also known too many people who feel that pot excuses them from being responsible - the owner of a small store going into the back to smoke up during business hours (with customers in the place), the mechanic who is constantly high and can't remember where he put that blowtorch, the teen who started on pot just "for fun" and is now a full-blown heroine addict, or the single mom who sells it and smokes it daily, only to beat on her tiny children afterwards (and yes, the police were called many many many times, yet she still has custody of the kids and just had her fourth). Too many people use it as an excuse (for whatever reason). Thats what I hate about the use of pot.
Other than that I really don't care what anyone does.

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