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Alex - I totally agree with you!! However, just to make things clear, I am not implying that poor spelling = uneducated keepers. If you own an animal you should already know just about everything there is to know about it, before the purchase.

Phil, I also understand and agree with you, however people are going to do what they want, regardless of what anyone else tells them. To us, it does sound like a bad idea that a 14 yr. old owns a Nile Monitor, but maybe he's an exceptional kid... who knows?

BoidKeeper - It's a mistake for my opinion to be that it LOOKS uneducated if a writer can't spell? No. It would be a mistake if I said that lack of spelling skills = lack of experience/knowledge. Again, I will clear up any confusion - I am not saying that just because a person can't spell doesn't mean they are uneducated, I am simply saying it does and will APPEAR that way. First impressions are sometimes the only thing you have to go by.

Geez, has anyone been READING this????

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