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First off, I know that I use 'drugs' we all do... even if taking an aspirin for a headache... we have ALL used drugs at some point or another. The way I separate this is: what I do is legal. It is not against the law. I won't go to jail for it..

As for aging causing memory loss... I think it important to tell you that Trevor and I are only 24!!! It's not like he's 50 and going through a natural process!!

I'm not aware of specific studies on MJ and memory loss but we all know they're linked.

BTW I'm not trying to attack anyone or thing, I am just voicing my opinions, as requested. I felt this was a significant related issue that hadn't been brought up.

I'm not really against MJ; for the people who want to use it, it doesn't bother me, I just choose not to have that for myself.

P.S. Drinking in moderation has been proven to beneficial to the body...

Thanks for your comments. =)
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