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Take the gateway drug theory for instance. That theory is that since a high percentage of cocaine and heroin users smoked pot before they started taking hard drugs, it's concluded that pot smoking leads to hard drug usage.
I was going to mention the whole gateway thing, but I decided not to. Going through highschool, I have seen many friends put their lives down the drain, from my perspective to be 'cool.' As a statistic, I would say 70% of my friends who started smoking marijuana have gone on to to harder drugs, such as extacy or cocaine. However, the majority of other known pot smokers in my age level that are not as close as friends as these, often stick to MJ alone. It has come to the point where I have lost friends, and prefer not to be around friends because I do not want to be anywhere close to that kind of stuff. Still, I look over each one of these individuals and I am confident that MJ is not a gateway drug. I look over them and see that throughout the eight years I have known this group of people, they have always been the ones to do anything possible to be 'cool.' Its kind of a complicated thing, but we were / are (in some cases) a huge group of friends that have been together from Grade 1 back in St. Joachims Catholic school. It has, unfortunately, been torn apart by something like this. My best friend smokes weed, and he always promised me that he would never try anything else. Just from his personality, I knew this wouldn't hold and it didn't.

Still, like I said I still don't believe it is a gateway drug - people who go onto harder drugs would have gone to that point whether or not marijuana existed. That is my opinion. It all starts with being 'cool' in highschool, which eventually turns into a group of crack heads.

I see what you're saying though David, since alcohol is legal and M is not. Alcohol can be just as dangerous if misused, I've known enough alcoholics to see that.
I have a hard time putting MJ on the same lines as alchohol just from what I have witnessed so far in my life. Just the line 'just as dangerous.' In my opinion, marijuana is definitely not on the same scale as alchohol, it is much lower. Within my entire family (an italian one, so you know it's big) I have had three instances of families being torn apart over alchoholism. Its a rough thing, and I try to stay as far away from the stuff as possible. Now we all know how it is being a teenager, and I wont say I have never had alchohol before, but believe me it is not a common sight in my life. I hate the stuff. I know it is perfectly fine when used in moderation, like 90% of the population does, but knowing what COULD happen, I just do not want to take that risk. Now as far as MJ goes, I know successful veterinarians, successful doctors and a lawyer who still to this day smoke MJ. I think unfortunately, things just get out of hand sometimes...
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