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I'm on the fence with this one, mainly because I have never tried it, or any other drug for that matter (excluding booze). Not for lack of opportunity, but I have never had the desire. Sure I am curious, but I am curious about a lot of things that I would never volunteer to try. I just don't think I need to do it, so I won't.

One point I haven't noticed in this thread was those who are "perma-fried". A former co-worker, guessing 28 yrs old) is in such a state. He was always slow witted it seemed, never seemed alert, had the "Beavis and Butthead"(sp?) laugh down pat. Just your average, stereotypical burn out. And then when he did get high, he went from a burnt out bump-on-the-log to raging idiot. There wasn't a good side to him. I partied with him twice (just to make sure the first was a one time event) and vowed never to do again. He never thought he smoked too much, so he never had any plans to quit or even tone it down a bit.

Yes, I know most people who smoke MJ are not “burn outs”. I have many friends that fit that description and are quite fun to be around. But, how would you know when you've crossed that line? Who would ever admit to being a burn out? I like that ad on TV with the kid finds his brother wallet in the laundry, talks about how his brother smokes pot and how he doesn't do anything bad. Then at the end he says, "He doesn't really do anything anymore." That was the co-worker. Get up, go to work, go home get high. Repeat. That was his life. I don't think he will recover from that state of mind. It probably came from many years of smoking, but that is a path I choose not to start.

Legalize it? Decriminalize it? Sure go for it, I still won't try it. It doesn’t matter too much to me who does smoke MJ. But I hope the government will figure how to tax the crap out of it, more than they do cigarettes.

Probably not a popular opinion, but that is mine.

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