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doesn't 'come off' as a reliable, educated resource.
Again, that is a mistake for you or anyone else to think that way. I have two university degrees and can't spell to save my life.
Neither the two degrees nor my inability to spell reflect upon my ability as keeper in any way. There are great spellers on here that give out bad info on a daily bases. Also some of the Canada's most successful breeders on here have nothing more than a high school education. Does it make them any less credible when they give advice?
Long story short, spelling ability does not equal experience or credibility for giving out advice. Or, spelling skills are not a reflection of herp related experience. Anyone who disregards advice based on poor grammar and spelling may only be hurting him or her selves. Just because it's not spelled correctly doesn't mean that the info is any less valuable. If a person in a wheel chair offers you directions on how to walk down town should they be dismissed too just because they can't walk?
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