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In my opinion, it's not that there's "nothing wrong" with smoking pot...everything has it's pros and cons. But the cons are definitely over-stated and propagandized. Take the gateway drug theory for instance. That theory is that since a high percentage of cocaine and heroin users smoked pot before they started taking hard drugs, it's concluded that pot smoking leads to hard drug usage. It's the fallacy of equating corelation with causality. Do you kow what percentage of crack-heads started off on milk as wee babies? It's pretty much 100%. Think of the children...ban milk!

Anyway, the real point I want to make is that prohibition does WAY more harm than pot ever did or ever will. We learned from alcohol prohibition that we cant control the recreational consumption of drugs in a population, and we also learned that prohibition creates a black-market and creates the conditions necessary to support organized crime. Prohibition is putting thousands of people in jail...for what? burning a plant and breathing in the fumes? It costs billions of dollars in taxes to support prohibition, and meanwhile in both Canada and in the US education and health care are suffering from funding shortages. Prohibition antagonizes race relations. Blacks are jailed at disproportionately higher rates than whites for the same drug crimes. As bad as you might think pot is, think about what prohibition is costing you and your society.

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