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Yes, I agree, but I also know that we have a lot of younger people on the forum and some that may be a bit more nieve than others. I know I certainly was when I first got into herps. Believing everything the pet store told me. Boy was that stupidity. Now I realize not every pet store is like this but some are just out there to sell and don't care if you buy on a whim, they will asure you that you have everything you need just to make that sale even if you don't.

I know we have some kids on this site that are under 10 and so when I get questions like "How much food will my leo eat a night?" Or "What size cage does my corn snake need?" I will answer them like I'm talking to a 10 year old. If I don't like the question, I just don't answer. Simple as that. This is a forum after all and imo there is no stupid question, so even the simpliest questinos shouldn't go unanswered. But as I said, that is my opinion and to each there own. If you don't have time to be bothered with a simple question then don't come on and redicule the person, just leave the question be and go to the next.
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