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Everythings bad for you. MJ leaves me still mostly coherent and without a hangover, and I get some of my most creative ideas after tokin a jay. But, there is a point of psychological additction with marijuana, even if there is no physiological addicition, as well as the fact that most people smoke it, and lung cancer sucks.

Some people use these vaporizer thingies, maybe someday Ill get to try one, but there is no smoke, only inhaling the vapors with the active properties of whatever you put in them, in the case of pot that would be THC.

Im shocked no one has mentioned the "gateway drug" theory. I personally think Im far more willing to do stupid things and try new things I normally wouldnt when ive been drinking, as opposed to smoking, but I do feel that children and teenagers have no more business with mj than they do with alcohol or other illicit drugs, and that as adults we are capable of making a judgement about whether or not smoking an L is a bad idea. Kids on the other hand, without the life experience to make better decisions, could get themselves into a lot of trouble with MJ, and I do not advocate it as "ok." for everyone.

Bottom line, not for everyone, and not for kids, but it's ok in my book, and if someone passes a doobie my way, you can bet im gonna partake.

And HHW, I happen to agree with you. I feel one of the major reasons marijuana is still illegal is because the government cant think of an effective way to make money off it it, as it is so easy to cultivate. The other reason is what we know of carcinogens. If they had known 50 years ago what they know now about cigarettes, I doubt they would be legal. I dont think that they will legalize a substance which, if no other vices can be found, is a veritable welcome mat for carcinoma and other lung diseases. I don't put much stock in statistics, but I once heard smoking a jay is like smoking 30 filtered cigarettes. Pretty scary, eh.

But fortunately, I am a smoker of cigs, so my lungs are already ****ed. Therefore, I still enjoy a little herbal refreshment from time to time, and given the choice between a quarter and a bottle of booze, it would be MJ all the way for me.

Jeff- the bonuses of having it decriminalized would be that it would be much less expensive, or even free if you grew your own. The sheer illegality of it makes it insanely expensive, unless you buy really crappy pot, called schwag around here. The average stuff (midis) go for about 50 to 80 dollars for a quarter ounce. Thats a lot for a little teeny baggie of an herb. And there are even more expensive options than that. Also- the gov't would make sure people arent adding other things to it, which happens sometimes and adds an unpleasant danger factor to an otherwise relatively "harmless" substance. Id like to go to the 7-11 and buy a pack of jays for like 5 bucks, knowing what I was getting (for a more realistic price, to boot) and having it somewhat regulated.

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