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It's my opinion that the only reason weed isn't legal is because it's difficult to tax. Since anyone can grow their own, with comparable or often superior quality to what any commercial producer could offer, the amount of taxable revenue would be minimal in comparison to Alcohol or Tobacco.

I feel things are best the way they are right now. Seeds are legal, meaning that the government is pretty much saying it is okay without openly having to admit it and offending more conservative voters. Right now, at least in BC, if you only have weed for your own use, nothing will ever happen to you. If they were to decriminalize like they were proposing in parliament, you'd have to pay fines out your nose everytime you were caught with it in your possession. Or, imagine if they really did legalize it. Most likely it would be much less potent, and there would be much fewer strains available to choose from. Lab strains like Chemo are good, but there is better out there.

I feel sorry for our neighbours to the South, but as far as I'm concerned, things are best the way they are up here. And hey, maybe we'll get some extra tourism dollars.
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