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i feel that marijuana should be legalized, because it is less harmful than alcohol and i feel that it is up to an individual to decide whether or not they wish to endanger their health. i also think that decriminalizing marijuana is a good idea because it eliminates a good portion of crime, and will declog the prison system to a degree. however, i believe that marijuana is psychologically addictive. this is very different from being physically addictive. still, i know many people who have been addicted to marijuana and had an extremely difficult time getting clean. but as i said, since it is only psychological and not physical, it does not come anywhere near to how bad it is to kick another drug, such as alcohol or a benzoid. and as for damage to brain cells, many stoners act stupid while high, but i dont think there is any permanent damage. but i really would have no way of knowing. as far as dangerous drugs, i feel that since there is no risk of overdose, it cannot truly be catagorized as such, because the risk of cancer is not an immediate threat in the same way that damage from harder drugs can be.
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