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Totally agree Jeff......great point that I think is commonly overlooked by those advocating the use of "recreational" Pot.

Now, if we are just talking about recreational use:

Personally, I like to have all my wits about me. Life is too short to go through it in a daze. I feel like people who do drugs (or drink to get drunk etc) are trying to excape from their problems or who they really are. I hope saying this is not going to offend people, these are just my opinions and may have something to do with getting old!!

I don't look down on people who do it.....everyone has tried it at some point, but I don't choose to be around them. However, I also have lost a few friends in my past because they didn't know where to draw the line (an ex-boyfriend doing it in front of his 15 year old daughter like it was no big deal).

I see what you're saying though David, since alcohol is legal and M is not. Alcohol can be just as dangerous if misused, I've known enough alcoholics to see that. I feel that is you are impaired in any way whether it be by drugs or alcohol you should suffer the concequences. Too many people are hurt or die every year including innocent bystanders.

As I said, JMO.

Bringing color to your collection.....

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