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I also am going to try to stay in the guide line.
If your work sends you for a blood test and it come back positive. How are they going to determan when you smoked to joint? If you were drinking they could tell how much and how long ago. Because you stay high longer then if you were drinking.
I think it make it hard on the owners of companys to know who is doing what and when.

I can say for sure.
I have a pinched nerve in my back. So I take meds. for it.
A doctor gave me marijuana to see if it would get my blood flowing though my legs. a couple years back. It did. But, when it ware off , I had twice as much pain.. This wasn't for me.

I think people need to use comon sence.. I don't know to many that do.. I don't mean anyone here.
Just my 2 .$
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