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Ixidor: What are you planning to do with your newfound knowledge?

If you want to do programming for banks, a lot of them still use COBOL.

For game design C++ is a must, and some Assembler wouldn't hurt. You can find free C compilers on many platforms. Linux's KDE Desktop even comes with a decent windowed programming environment called KDevelop (free is good).

Assembler can break your brain, but if you want to make compact, fast code for things like graphic demos, or high speed mission critical apps, it's the way to go. Compilers in other languages have gotten better at making fast, efficient code though, so it's not as prevalent as it used to be. (Plus it's not easily portable at all.)

Visual Basic is a good starter language but it's proprietary to Microsoft so you're stuck using their tools. $$

Java is a nice platform independent language that you can use to make apps for everything from web pages to cell phones. It has a free dev kit and compiler system available. It's not the fastest language in the world, but it's nice if you want to share a program with people on any hardware or OS.

And nope, I'm not a coder I just have a pile of the books in my office and have been surrounded by programmers for a good part of the last decade
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