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I personally find it slightly annoying that a person does not do a google search for a basic care sheet.
If you find that annoying, what in the world is the point of this forum? To post pictures of our snakes and lizards? Sure, thats what reason - but it definitely isn't the only one. The whole intention of the forum is an information research from my point of view.

What you also have to keep in mind is that not everyone knows there are books out there which describe the husbandry of specific species.

ON THE OTHER HAND, if this person has either been keeping certain animals for awhile, or is already aware of all the info on the net, then it is being LAZY... but how can you tell which is which?
That may be true, however I personally would like to obtain information from someone I have seen on the forum for a while and who is a known, experienced individual then trusting a geocities caresheet.

I am thinking back to when I got my first ball python. I had done my research months ahead of time. Thinking about it now, what I would consider lazy is coming here blindly with absolutely no effort put fourth on obtaining information, and using the forum as your only source. It is perfectly fine to do your research, then come here with questions to confirm facts you have read, or to obtain peices of information which you couldn't locate, and finally to get opinions on your husbandry. Thats what I will conclude at.

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