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Well, I'm not looking to get too crazy... I'm just starting off with ball pythons, but I'd like to eventually produce super pastels with a total of around 30 breeder stock, including absolutely everything. This involves the 10 that I have right now and 20 or so offspring I will keep across 2 generations.

The only other project I am planning to work on anytime soon is house snakes, mainly just the olive and red morphs for now.

My non-herper friends who see all my sterilite tubs think the 12 I have right now are a lot. But obviously, compared to some of the other people around here, that's just a drop in the bucket. On the other hand, I've seen collections numbering in the hundreds. I just wanted to a get a different perspective to help strike a balance somewhere in between. Realistically right now, I could properly attend to my entire collection in less than an hour a day, although I spend more time than that just because I want to. As a collection grows however, there's obviously some economies of scale. It obviously doesn't take anywhere near twice as much time to take care of two snakes as it does the first one alone. I definitely want to keep things fun, working only with snakes I am interested in with just enough to reasonably fulfill my project goals.
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