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I lied in my previous post. I have more than 2 snakes, and definintely more than 50. I have 13 corns alone! But please don't ask me to list them all.

I think that most people just don't want to show off. Reptile keeping used to be pretty underground. Not everyone is going to open up and tell all they got.

I would love to just have 20 or so snakes. What a cake walk!! One day to clean and feed! Awesome!! Stick with the few you've got. Once the numbers get too high, you start to not spend as much time with them and you don't get to know them individually. This is especially true when you work full time.

I take time every day, an hour, or two, or a whole evening to look in on my charges, especially "special" needs cases who must be checked on every day.

It's rewarding, but some days, having all these animals can be quite the baggage. Feeding them all, worrying about them all, cleaning them all!
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