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I am deffinately addicted to snakes, and reptiles in general. I always loved snakes, but never thought of them as pets until a few years back. My first snake was a spotted, and that got me hooked.
My husband is still terrified of snakes, but in a pinch he will grab one from me (eg. I am cleaning and need to move the snake, he will hold it until I am done). He loves the beardie more
I don't know why I am addicted to herps. They are awesome animals, and I guess too because they don't hate you if you forget to give them attention for one day, lol. Unlike many non-herp pets
I deffinately talk about them ALL the time, I read about them online, in magazines, in books, talk to all sorts of people about them, email tons of people about theirs' and what they have to offer, and yes I do dream about them at night. I once spent a full day reading about different HETs, and spent the night tossing and turning murmering about HETs and morphs
I find them to be truly awesome creatures, and while I still love my fured and feathered pets, the herps just have something a little different to offer

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