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Hmmm, I'm surprised more people havenít joined in on this one. I have to agree forums such as this one can be VERY helpful, it always helps too have access to someone who has experience too help you understand the information you read else where or even too verify it through there own personal experiences. but the problem is that fact many people try to use it as an easy way around things. I would generally have too agree with Trevor 100% on this one. There are too many people out there expecting everybody too do things for them. Everybodyís has too start somewhere but they should start on there own learning everything they can and then turn to others who have more experience in order to add to what they've learned. But there are lazy people who donít bother too learn on there own and expect others too do everything for them. Unfortunately there are people like that everywhere. And the worst part is that since the lazy people donít bother too do there own research they believe anything thatís told too them , for example all those people who heard somebody say a boa wont outgrow its tank, or that its fine too just feed a burm less too keep it small. And practice these ridiculous things on there own animals simply because they were too lazy too pic up a book and read.
I think thatís what separates what I would consider a "herper" and a person trying too look cool with his snake. A herper in my opinion is someone who learns about reptiles and keeps some of his favorites that he has learned about too take that learning too another level. The others are the opposite, they own a reptile because it fascinates others and they donít bother too learn about it because they arenít truly interested in the reptile but more on the attention it brings with it.

Its very true that nothing beats experience for some matters, but for basics there is no excuse except laziness when you just type in your question rather then take the time too read a book with the answers your looking for.

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