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Yeah, I agree magnetized screw drivers are fine and far better than dropping a screw across the legs of a chip or capacitor, especially since they sometimes tend to disappear. Hard drives are in steel cases and thus protected from outside magnetic fields. But of course putting a magnet on a plastic floppy disc will mess it up.
I work with both magnets and mos semiconductors every day.. My biggest problem is the strip on my damn charge cards never works. One should be careful not to put magets in the same pocket as your wallet.
My wife recently bought a purse with a mangetic clasp right across where you are supposed to put your credit cards.. That has to be the dumbest thing I've seen in a while.
One minor correction on the level of voltage one can feel. That all depends on the conductivety of your skin at the contact point, and the overall resistance of the complete cicuit path from plus to minus or live to ground.
If you stick a 9 volt battery across your wet tongue, you'll feel it, and 120volts is responsible for lots of north American electrocution deaths, so the above info stating it takes 1500 volts to register in a nerve ending... is incorrect.( as an electrical worker, I wish)
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