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I also like to have fun on the net. That's my personality.
Now he tells us! lol

Every time I buy from one of Canada's best I always drop their name when I post the animal's pics. It adds credibility to my collection when people know it's made up of the best available stock in Canada. Makes it easier for me to sell possible albino hets when people know my 100% came from Patterson. Or when I breed and sell Nuclear Kenyans people will know they are in fact Nuclear because they came from Roy the founder of the line. When the day come that I sell Jungle they will be from Favelle stock.
Why should I reinvent the wheel when so much of what I want to work with is already being worked with by some of our best.
Also when ever possible I only buy from dedicated Canadian breeders. I pay more but I always know what I'm getting. These people have reputations they want to up hold and they are only as good as their last sale so you always get the best of everything.
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