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If you DO decide to go ahead and start up your own pet store.... spend the time BEFORE you get the animals to learn about them FIRST. I'm sure we have all seen what happens to animals in pet stores where no one knows anything about them. I was talking with one girl who worked in a pet store who said that everytime she went to work in the morning, she had to scoop out all the dead animals. The hamsters were the worst. :P
Decide what kind of animals you would like to feature in your store, and then try to find reputable breeders of these animals in your area and ask their advice on how to set up your store and also how to care for the animals.
Before you take in any animals in the store, learn what a healthy animal looks like and don't accept any animal if it doesn't look healthy.
Take the time to train your employees on how to care for the animals properly. Make sure they are able to give at least BASIC care instructions to customers and are able to help them pick up the appropriate products.
Find a quality vet in the area of the store and keep their number on hand for emergencies.
Provide "caresheets" for the animals that you sell in your store. Post them on the wall by the animals and also make sure you briefly go over them with customers if they choose to buy an animal. Make sure customers know the lifespan of the animal they are interested in. (I've seen a number of people buy a cute little budgie, not realizing that it could live for ten years.... )
Anyways... these are just some suggestions that I have seen done in some of the "better" pet stores around me. One of the pet stores that I like better than most actually took the time to ask reputable breeders in the area to help design his store, and it shows! The animals are well cared for, the staff are fairly knowledgeable, and the owner is a nice guy who cares, not only about his customers, but also for the animals in his care.
Anyways... if you choose to open a pet store... I wish you the BEST of luck!!
Take care
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